A: Once you create your account, you can search the Big Orange Talent Portal for upcoming events in your area you would like to bid on. You will also receive emails regarding upcoming events. Please be sure to add talent-portal@bigorangeproductions.com, portal-no-reply@bigorangeproductions.com or "@bigorangeproductions.com to your Address Book, Contacts, or Safe Sender List!

A: Apply via the Big Orange Talent Portal to bid on an upcoming event. Be sure to be specific in your reply and include any requested information (e.g. date/time availability, required cerfications, etc.).

A: If you are booked for an event, you will receive a notification from the Big Orange Talent Portal that you have been assigned for an event. You will need to log into your portal acccount to confirm your booking. If you have any questions or need to negotiate the terms of the assignment, you should contact your Event Coordinator prior to confirming.

A.  Your payment will be sent via check within 30 days from sending us your invoice and paperwork once you've completed an event. You can also check the Big Orange Talent Portal and see when your paperwork has been approved and view the date your payment will be mailed!

A.  First, you should check the Big Orange Talent Portal to see the status of the event in question. If you have any further questions, and it has been more than 30 days from sending us your invoice, please contact your Event Coordinator. 

A:  We cannot predict how much work will be available in your particular area.  Our clients determine when and where people are needed.  In general, talent who keep in touch with their Event Coordinators, are quick to return their contracts and paperwork, and receive great feedback from our clients, are first to be considered for future events!  

A: Please send a ‘headshot’ and ‘full body shot’ - clear, smiling photos with classic, conservative clothing.  If you are unsure of what to send, feel free to send over a few different images, including headshots and full-body photos.  We do not require professional photographs, but your photos may be submitted to our clients for their approval, so you should look your best!  As your agency, we cannot reimburse you for cost of headshots, resumes or other such professional expenses.

A: We work with various promotional models and brand ambassadors so it is not always possible to book every person who requests a booking. Please keep bidding on events you are interested in - we appreciate your continued response and hopefully we can work with you soon. 

A: No.  As your agency, we contract you to perform services for our client.  You will receive an IRS form (W-9) and Independent Model Agreement if you wish to be set up in our database.  As a contractor, you should consult your tax preparer to discuss any specific questions about taxes, deductions and related questions.

A: Promotions professionals should have the standard accepted promotional gear for this industry: black pants, khaki pants, white collared shirt (button down and/or polo style), black closed-toed shoes, and clean white sneakers.  Some of our clients might provide you with a branded shirt for you to wear at an event, but at all times you should be presentable and neat.